PATRICK ZIMMERLI photo credit Maxime de Bollivier


Date(s) - Jul 04
18:00 - 22:00

In honor of Independence Day in the United States and the launch of the American Center for Art and Culture, Patrick Zimmerli has assembled a Pan-American group for an unforgettable concert.

The group, created specially for the occasion by Patrick Zimmerli, explores all the musical traditions in which the members have specialized. From jazz to American Songbook to Venezuelan folk music, Zimmerli’s original songs and traditional American songs have been reinvented through new arrangements. Patrick Zimmerli’s Pan-American group will provide a memorable evening celebrating the uniqueness of America! A true exploration of “What it means to be American”, the 4th of July concert assembles a group representing America in an unusual way to the stage of LIVE @.

Zimmerli is from New York, a convincing and cosmopolitan intellectual from the East Coast living in Paris. Pianist Rob Clearfield is from the heartland of the United States, having grown up in Chicago. Percussionist Philippe Maniez was born in the French region of Dijon, but his mother is from Cleveland, Ohio. Drummer Karl Jannuska has two American parents of Polish descent, and spent his childhood in Canada before moving to the City of Light. Finally, the bass player, Juan-Sébastien Jimenez, is a different type of American: a South American, born in Venezuela.

On July 4th for Independence Day, these musicians from different backgrounds representing the fundamental multi-ethnic character of America, will be united by their love of music and Paris.

“Composer and saxophonist Patrick Zimmerli pursues a heady grammar that combines spontaneity and exuberance for a complex and rigorous jazz, inspired by the modern composers he admires: Babitt, Boulez and Carter”. The New Yorker