"Virginie" Clark & Pougnaud

Clark & Pougnaud

Homage to Edward Hopper, Clark & Pougnaud – October 20, 2012 – January 20, 2013
In homage to the wildly successful Edward Hopper exhibition at the Grand Palais, the Mona Bismarck American Center presented the artist duo Clark & Pougnaud’s “Homage to Edward Hopper.” The series was Clark & Pougnaud’s earliest collaboration and one of their most significant works to date. Edward Hopper (1882-1967), the American painter, is known for his austere and disquieting depictions of American life reflecting a rapidly transforming society. Clark & Pougnaud painstakingly reconstructed Hopper’s paintings using a unique process of photo assemblage. By no means mere reproductions of Hopper’s paintings, the assemblages reinvest their originals with renewed urgency that is at once intimate and universal. The result is a body of work that challenges the limits of both painting and photography.

N. C. Wyeth, A Young Maine Fisherman, 1933, oil on canvas. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Collection

The Wyeths: Three Generations of American Art Bank of America Merrill Lynch Collection November 10, 2011 – February 12, 2012 For three generations, the Wyeths have captured the imagination and admiration of a wide audience and are today celebrated as one of America’s foremost artistic families. Drawing from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Collection and the private collections of the Wyeth family as well as other lenders, the Mona Bismarck American Center presented more than eighty paintings and drawings by N. C. Wyeth (1882-1945), his son Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) and his grandson Jamie Wyeth (born in 1946). All are linked by a commitment to realism, technical brilliance and a sense of narrative.

Gustave Courbet: A Love of Nature (2011) In partnership with the Institut Gustave Courbet, this exhibition paid tribute to the master of realism and the artists he inspired through a rarely seen display of their works and the places and people they painted and loved.

An Eye for an Eye (2011) On the initiative of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation, the association Fête le Mur (created and presided over by Yannick Noah) and the Europe 1 Radio journalist Patrice Thomas, a program was launched in Spring 2009 to bring together young people aged ten to sixteen from La Courneuve, a suburb of Paris, and Altgeld Gardens on the south side of Chicago.

Another Language Matisse: Matisse as a printmaker (2010-2011) La Frégate, 1938 by Henri Matisse, Linocut on wove paper, watermark G. Maillol, 34.4 x 23.9 cm (c) Estate H. Matisse, 2011 Bringing together over 100 prints by Matisse, this exhibition reflected the great French artist’s output of more than 800 pieces. The hidden side of Matisse’s printmaking sheds light on his painting, while both bringing closure and challenges to his oeuvre.

Made in Chicago: Photographs from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Collection (2010) An exhibition comprising rare and seminal photographs that had never before been displayed together at such a scale outside of the United States.

Boutons: Artistic, Historical and Cultural Phenomena For the first time in Europe, a major international exhibition was devoted entirely to buttons as artistic, historical and cultural phenomena.

Made in France, by Americans, conceived and created by the Fondation d’Entreprise Bernardaud (2010) In the 1990s, the arrival of a handful of North American ceramic sculptors started a major upheaval on the French ceramic art scene. Many had trained in North America, then continued their education in Europe, and eventually settled in France to live and work, expressing themselves with a great spirit of independence. Extremely open-minded, these iconoclasts are shaking things up in French ceramics, which are still heavily influenced by the weight of local faience, stoneware and porcelain traditions as well as an excessive fascination with the Orient that has endured since the 1960s.

Le trousseau de la Reine de Mai: Marie-José de Savoie (2009)

The Naturalist: Timothy Martin A different way of seeing nature (2009)

Emotions non contrôlées de Paul Flickinger (2008)

An American View: Barbara Ernst Prey (2007)

Exploratrices Intrépides: Marianne North, Margaret Mee (2007) Paintings from the collections of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Shadows from New Guinea: Art from the largest island in Oceania (2006)

The Romantic Spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright: Photographs by Carol Bishop (2006)

Mona Bismarck, Cristóbal Balenciaga: perfection partagée (2006)

Pierre Matisse, passeur passionné (2005) Works by artists represented by the late gallery owner Pierre Matisse: Balthus, Miro, Tanguy, H. Matisse, Chagall, Giacometti and others. The exhibition was presented in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Pierre and Maria-Gaetana Matisse Foundation.

Scottish Colorists 1900-1930 (2004) Works by Peploe, Fergusson, Hunter and Cadell from the Hunterian Gallery.

Louisiana: From French Colony to American State (2004) In collaboration with the Historic New Orleans Collection and the Kemper and Leila Williams Foundation, the exhibition celebrated the 200th anniversary of the French sale of Louisiana to the United States in 1803, featuring paintings, maps, engravings and sketches of Louisiana’s early history.

Costumes and Masks of the Nô Theater (2003) Costumes, masks and prints from the collection of Yamaguchi Akira and the Museum of Art and History of Japan.

7 Millénaires de sculptures inédites: Europe, Asie, Afrique (2003)Primitive sculpture from the private collection of Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller.

Art Premier des Iapyges, VIIe-IIIe s. av. J.C. (2003)Collection from the Museum of Art and History of Geneva and l’Association Hellas et Roma.

California Impressionists: Masters of Light (2002) Paintings from the California Impressionist School from the collection of the Irvine Museum.

Art de la Plume en Amazonie (2002) Feather ceremonial costumes from the Amazon.

L’Or des Iles (2002) Jewels and ornaments of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines from the collection of the Musée du quai Branly.

American Folk Art (2001) Paintings and sculpture from the 18th century to the present from the Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York.

Varian Fry, Marseille 1940-41 et les candidats à l’exil (2001)Works by artists aided by American editor Varian Fry and the Emergency Rescue Committee, including Arp, Chagall, Duchamp, Ernst, Frances, Lipschitz and others.

Massimo Campigli (2001)

5000 ans de Figures Humaines (2000) Collection from the Barbier-Mueller Museum.

The Art of Native North Americans (2000) From the collection of Eugene and Clare Thaw, Fenimore Art Museum.

Miroir du Grand Siècle (1999) Exhibition of 126 prints by Jacques Bellange, Jacques Callot, Abraham Bosse, Claude Lorrain and Laurent de La Hyre from major private collections, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and France’s Bibliothèque Nationale.

Modern Painting in Mexico: Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection (1999) Panoramic exhibition of 20th-century Mexican art including Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

Masques Africains (1999) Collection from the Barbier-Mueller Museum.

Boucliers Tribaux (1998) Tribal shields of Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia from the collection of the Barbier-Mueller Museum.

Rêve d’Egypte (1998) Egyptian architecture as seen by three photographers: Harold Allen, Francois-Xavier Bouchart and Mark Ruwedel.

L’Ecole polytechnique: un patrimoine inattendu (1998) Scientific instruments, books and drawings from the 18th century.

Artistes américains vivant en France, 1947 1997 (1997)

Arts rituals d’Océanie: la Nouvelle-Irlande (1997) Collection from the Barbier-Mueller Museum.

Alfred de Dreux: le cheval, passion d’un dandy parisien (1996)

Benoît de Boigne (1996) An 18th-century military adventurer from the Alps of French Savoy who made his fortune and name in India.

Henri Matisse: Faces Uncovered, 1945-54 (1996) Matisse made hundreds of drawings of the human face in the last ten years of his life.

Décorations et Ordres de Chevalerie de la Collection Royale Britannique du château de Windsor (1996)

Chefs d’oeuvre italiens du XIXe siècle (1995) From the collection of Gaetano Marzotto.

Retrospective des oeuvres d’Alfons Mucha (1995)

Combats pour la Libération de France (1994)

L’Art des Peuples Italiques (1994)

Bismarck, Balenciaga, Beaton (1994)

American Screen Prints, 1927-1967 (1993) From the collection of Reba and Dave Williams.

Saint-Petersbourg: Vu par ses architectes (1993) Architectural designs from the 18th and 19th centuries. Partnership with the Musée de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de Saint-Petersbourg.

Cappiello, 1875-1942 (1993)

Les flacons de la séduction (1992) The art of perfume in the 18th century, from the collection of Givaudan-Roure.

Maurice Le Scouëzec, retrospective (1992)

Les chefs d’œuvre de Goodwood (1992)

Rétrospective of Emile Bernard, 1868-1941 (1991)

Albert André, 1869-1954, Cent Tableaux, Cent Dessins (1990)

Jacques Charlier, Peintures en Tout Genre (1990)

Six Peintres Sovietiques d’Aujourd’hui (1990)

Gaston Chaissac (1989)

La Vieille Alliance France-Ecosse (1989)

Zuka: la révolution française: un regard américain (1988)

Millénaire du Baptême de la Russie Icônes (1988)

1917…La Fayette nous voilà! (1988)

Man Ray: Cinématographe (1986)